Terms of service

This "Terms and Conditions" is applicable to the use of Edwin Tokyo Harajuku (hereinafter referred to as the "Service") operated by Edwin, Inc. (hereinafter "Company").

Article 1. (Use of this Service)
1. The user shall use this Service in accordance with this Terms and Conditions and the User Guideline issued by the Company separately.
In addition, the user agrees to communicate with Company via email or telephone. 
2. If the user is a minor (below 20 ages), please use this Service after obtaining the consent of the legal representative such as the person of parental authority. The consent shall also include the consent to this Terms and Conditions.
In addition, if the user was a minor at the time of consent to this Terms and Conditions and use this Service after the age of majority, he/she shall deem to ratify the Service used in minor age.

Article 2 (Change of Contents of Registration)
If any change occurs to the address, name, telephone number, or any other matter originally reported to the Company, the user shall notify the Company in accordance with the method indicated separately by the Company.

Article 3 (Management of ID, Password)
The user shall use the ID and password that he/she has established, and is responsible for managing the ID and password.
The Company shall not be liable for any damages caused by Third party's fraudulent use of the user's ID and password.  If the user knows that a third party is illegally using the ID of the user or the password, the user shall immediately contact the Company.
The user may have the prescribed method to query the user ID and/or password within this Services.

Article 4 (Management and Protection of Customer Information)
The Company shall not disclose the Personal Information of the user to any third party except the cases when information disclosure, etc. was requested or ordered by the government or public organizations based on the law.

Article 5 (Order)
The user may order the goods among the products listed on this Services within availability of its inventory in a prescribed manner.
The delivery address of the order shall be limited within Japan.

Article 6 (Shipping fees)
All shipping charge related to the delivery of goods will be borne by the user, unless otherwise noticed in the Service.

Article 7 (Payment method)
The use shall pay for the goods purchased and related shipping charges by the method designated separately by the Company.

Article 8 (Shipment)
The ordered goods shall be delivered through the carrier designated by the Company.  The destination must be limited to addresses in Japan.
The overseas transfer service provided by other companies is to be used at the user's discretion and responsibility.

Article 9 (Cancel Order)
The Company shall not accept cancelation after order has been confirmed.

Section 10 (Exchange, return)
The Company will accept return, if the goods delivered are different from your order, if the goods have defective, or other case confirmed by the Company. However, the Company will not accept the return in case of the following.
- 15 days or more have passed since the date of order
- if the goods have been treated by user (bottom trimming, repair, etc.)  
- if the defects caused by user
Product exchange is not available due to inventory management.  User needs to place order it again.  

Article 11 (Changes, Suspend, and termination of the Services)
The Company shall be able to change or add the contents of this Service without prior notice, or to suspend or terminate the Service.
As a result, the Company will not be liable for any damages incurred to the user.

Article 12 (About Links)
The link to this Services are subject to prior permission by the Company.

Article 13 (Cancellation of Service)
The Company retains the rights to reject the Services, if the user violates the Terms and Conditions, if  the user has committed any damage to the Company or other users, or other act deemed inappropriate by the Company. 

Article 14 (Handling of Information)
The user will not use this Service for any purpose other than private purposes, nor violate any rights or copyrights of the Company or any third party.  If the Company is claimed by a  third party as a result of user's violation in this term, the user shall assume all responsibility to such third party and keep the Company harmless from any liability.

Article 15 (Prohibition of unauthorized business activities)
The user shall not use this Service for commercial purpose, unless permitted by the Company.

Article 16 (Changes to the Terms and Conditions)
The Company shall, without the consent of the user, be able to change this Terms and Conditions of the Service, and the user shall deem to accept such changes.

Article 17 (Disclaimer)
The Company shall not be liable for any damage or loss of the user through the use of this Service, nor shall it indemnify any of such damage or loss.
Regardless of the reason, the Company is not responsible for any damages resulting from the change of information and the suspension or terminate this Services. 
In addition, the Company is not responsible for the content of any other websites linked to this Services.

Article 18 (Governing Law)
The Jurisdiction Act for the matters related to this Service shall be the Japanese Act, and the court of jurisdiction in the case of a dispute shall be the Tokyo District Court and the exclusive jurisdiction court of the Tokyo District Court.

Supplementary Provisions:  This Terms and Conditions shall be applicable to all users starting on October 1, 2021.