Privacy policy

Edwin Co., Ltd. and Edwin Retail Stores Co., Ltd. (hereinafter collectively referred to as *"Our company")  will ask Customer (including the user of the application software provided by our business consignee) to disclose the customer's name, address, phone number, e-mail address, and other information that we deem necessary for transaction on the application  or website (hereinafter referred to as "Personal Information").  We will handle Personal information in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act.  
This privacy policy is for mutual consent between customers and Our company in handling Personal Information.
(* "Our company" also include E-Jeaning Co., Ltd. and Lee Japan Co., Ltd.)

1. About the purpose of using Personal Information

We will use Personal Information for the following purposes.

  • Our company will use your Personal Information for shipping goods, charging prices, granting points, after service and sending DM.  We will also use it to collect the payment, such as credit card numbers and  bank accounts. 
  • Our company will use your Personal Information such as product, quantity and the amount ordered for verification of delivery and also delivery notice.
  • Our company will use your Personal Information to provide you with information about our campaign and also products and services. 
  • Our company will use your Personal Information and your usage history in order to improve our services. 
  • Our company will use your Personal Information in order to correspond to your request and inquiries.
  • Our company will use Personal Information  such as Cookie* in order to identify you and usage history in website, information about your PC and internet connection in order to provide you with suggestions about products or coordination to optimize your shopping experience. We will also use Personal Information available from internet for analysis. 
  • Our company may provide outsourcing advertising agent with Personal Information such as website's access information (including cookies)  for use in advertising including personalized ads and mails for you. We, however, will not include the information to identify the person such as name, address, birthday, telephone numbers.  You can access the opt-out page of each advertising website to stop using cookie information. 

※ What is Cookie 

Cookie is a technology that records customer information using a website on a computer (Cookie)  through its storage devices (such as HDD or SSD).
Our website uses cookies in order to improve our services for you. If you change your browser and reject cookies, you can not use our services including purche of the products. 
Our company will also use your usage record to improve website in the manner not to be able to identify individual. 

※ About Google Analytics

On this website, Our company use Google Analytics to understand the site usage record. Google Analytics uses cookies to collect, record, and analize your visit history.
We receive from Google the analytic information,  for further analysis to improve our service.  Customer information collected by Google Analytics is managed based on Google's Privacy Policy.  We shall not be responsible for damage by using servide of Google Analytics.
Terms of Google Analytics use: Here
Google Privacy Policy: Here

※ About Facebook pixel

Our website uses Facebook pixels provided by Facebook for advertising and acting analysis.  The Facebook pixel tracks the visitor's actions in accessing the service provider's website by clicking the ads displayed on Facebook. Facebook pixel shall be usedd for statistical analysis and market survey in order to optimize future advertising activities.
Since the collected data is treated anonymously, the customers visiting our website  is not identified. Because the collected data is saved and processed by Facebook, Facebook can use the data to associate with related user profile according to the Facebook data usage guidelines to use the data for promotional purposes. This allows Facebook to associate the date to other ads in and outside Facebook. In addition, we can not interfere with such use of the data.
For more information on your privacy protection, see Facebook Data Protection Policy.
Facebook data guidelines: Here
Facebook Pixel Details: Here
Facebook data protection policy: Here

2. About information not identifying individual

Our company will use those information (browser type, geographical location, age group etc.) not identifying individual in order to develop better products and services.  We will also use it to improve the site or other legitimacy purposes.

3. Management of Personal Information

Our company manage Personal Information in the following system.

  • Our company will organize internal system in order for employees to handle Personal Information properly in accordance with the Protection Act and guidelines.
  • The use of Personal Information is limited to only employees who needs for operation, and strictly manage the storeage of such Personal Information for protection.
  • For Personal Information stored in the system, we will prepare accounts and passwords to limit accessibility for employees under authority management. The account and password will be managed strictly without leaking and no loss.
  • Our company use SSL, which is industry-standard encrypted communication to the required web page for transmissing the data including Personal Information through the Internet.
  • If the purpose of use is complete, Our company will promptly delete the Personal information of users.

4. Common use of Personal Information

In order to achieve the aforementioned purposes of using Personal Information, Our company, in relation to the product and services handled, will jointly use the Personal Information within the group companies *. Edwin Co., Ltd. shall be responsible for such Co-handling Personal information.
(※) Itochu Corporation Corporation, Edwin Co., Ltd., Edwin Retail Stores Co., Ltd., E Jeaning Co., Ltd. and Lee Japan Co., Ltd.

5. About disclosure of Personal Information

Our company does not disclose personal information to a third party without customer's consent, with the exception to the following cases. 

  • When Our company affiliates or business consignee only within the scope necessary for business.
  • When providing user information to external service company in order to align the service or certification.
  • In the case of statutory procedures to succeed the business following to merger, company split, or business transfer. 
  • If there is a request from a public organization such as a court or a police under the laws.
  • When disclosure become legitimate based on laws and regulations
  • In order to correspond to customer inquiries, consultation and complaints as well as conflict resolution
  • In case of risk to impair life or property of you or third party, and thate we can not get your consent in timely manner.
  • In case we need to protect our rights, property and services against the action in breach of the terms or violation of laws, and that we can not get your consent in timely manner.
  • In case of permission under the laws.

6. About the right to Personal Information

Customers can exercise the following rights, so long the person is verified and identified.    

  • Right to request notification of purpose to use Personal Information.
  • Right to request disclosure of Personal Information.
  • Rights to correct, add or delete if Personal Information is not true.
  • Right to stop using or erase the Personal Information

      [Note] Method of identity verification

      Copy of proving yourself (a license, insurance card, etc.), sent to our company so we will correspond to you upon verification.

      GIM BUILDING, 3-18-23 Jingu-Mae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001

      7. About link

      Our company shall not be responsible for the safety of your Personal Information of the linked websites whici is not managed by us or our representatives. We recommend that you check the policy of privacy protection for such website for safety of Personal Information.

      8. Appointment of "Certified Personal Information Protection Group" to which we belong to our company

      Currently there is no authorized personal information protection group to which our company belongs.

      9. Questions and suggestions

      If you have any questions or comments, please contact us : Here

      10. Other

      Our company may change and revise the above policy without notice for changes in operations on Personal Information protection and to respond to changes in laws and regulations.
      In addition, when changing this policy, we notify the change and enforcement time of this policy.

      • Posting our website
      • Notification to user
      • Other suitable way