EDWIN TOKYO HARAJUKU 5th anniversary model,
EDWIN 505 limited edition of 100 pieces reprinted.

EDWIN TOKYO HARAJUKU celebrates its 5th anniversary in 2021.
The anniversary commemoration model becomes a topic every year.
This time, in honor of "5", "EDWIN 505" was reissued as a limited edition of 100.
The EDWIN 505, which debuted in 1994 as a "vintage to wear out", is a
representative part number of EDWIN that led the vintage jeans boom in the 90s.
Based on the 505 at the time of its debut, the material and fit have been updated for the anniversary model.
By paying more attention to the materials and details, it has become a
special finish that adapts to your body as you wear it and
you can expect a crisp color fade that is typical of selvage denim.
In this page, we will thoroughly introduce the particulars.


Selvage denim made on a raw machine (kibata)

Made in Japan from 13.5oz selvedge denim.
The denim fabric is "kibata", which means that it has 
not shrink-proof,
no anti-twisting process,no hair-burning process 
to enjoy the aging process of denim.
By weaving slowly, it has a puffy,
uneven and unique look.
The shrinkage caused by drying after sizing and washing makes
the fabric more tightly packed, and the more you wear it,
the more it adjusts to your body,
so you can expect the color to fade with a crispness typical of selvage denim.


Thick and straight looks good rolled up

The oversized fit was a feature of the 505 at the time.
In this reprint, the fit is also regular straight, keeping the thickness firmly
from the girth (width of the thigh) to the hem.
This vintage fit is thicker than the Harajuku store's standard "EDS03" jeans
and looks good rolled up.


Large back pockets and the same unique 505's W stitching
as when they were first released.

The label is made of goat leather and comes
with an original 5th anniversary stamp.

The woven name of cotton x rayon that updated the 505 of those days.
Like denim, the texture increases as you wear it.

Olive color herringbone slake reminiscent of the WW2 model.

Button fly design that develops a "ATARI"
(color fading due to rubbing) as you wear them.

The reinforcing fabric of the back pockets is made of 100% cotton kibata.
When washed, the sagging caused by the difference in the shrinkage rate
between denim and produce a unique look and feel.