edu in tokyo harajuku 7th anniversary
Super firm jeans.

The "Chokata Jeans" made of 22 oz. super heavy weight selvedge denim are now available as part of the 7th anniversary model of EDU IN TOKYO HARAJUKU.
Can you wear these tough and rugged jeans?
22 ounce ultra firm denim
The best feature of the 7th anniversary limited edition jeans is the 22 oz. super heavy weight selvedge denim.
Both warp and weft yarns are woven slowly and carefully on an old-fashioned shuttle loom with a maximum of 3.3-count yarn, giving the denim a hard and rugged impression that makes you hesitate to wear them.
However, the more the denim is worn with spirit, determination, and love, the more it blends in with the skin, and the rougher and rougher the color fades.

7th anniversary limited edition label
These jeans were so strong that they could not be torn even if they were pulled by a "hikyaku," a driver who was said to have traveled from Edo to Osaka in three days, and was responsible for the transportation business in the Edo period when there were no automobiles, trains, or airplanes as there are today,
The 7th anniversary limited edition label features designs of the names of the places in Aomori and Akita where Edouin's own factories and production facilities for these jeans are located.
The material used is Chiba leather (wild boar), which is made from animal resources that would otherwise be thrown away. It is scratch-resistant and highly durable.

Royal straight silhouette
The silhouette is the EDS03 straight, the most popular of Edwin Tokyo Harajuku's standard jeans.
This iron plate silhouette has been improved to fit the modern body shape while retaining the ruggedness that is typical of jeans.

World-class sewing technology
The oldest of Edouin's own factories, the sewing process from cutting to sewing is carried out in an integrated manner at the company's sewing factory in Tohoku, where the origins of manufacturing reside.
The company uses a variety of sewing machines and automatic machines developed and customized exclusively for EDOIN, and stubbornly adheres to detailed promises that are "kept outside the gate" down to the smallest detail.
There is not the slightest compromise in quality.
The staff's expert skills and strict quality standards are what support Edouin's pride in being "Made in Japan.

Limited Novelty
As a limited novelty, a special tote bag will be presented to all customers who purchase the 7th anniversary "Choken Jeans".
This limited edition bag is printed with the design of the leather label.
Super firm jeans
Part Number: EDS03-789