In Japan, there is an old custom known as "Gen-Katsugi".

"Gen-Katsugi" means to bring good luck.

The Japanese people have long valued "Gen-Katsugi" for victory or defeat.

In addition, since ancient times, the Japanese put emphasis on words because of the belief that words have spiritual power.

For example, the word "tai" (sea bream) means "medetai"(good luck) ,"kombu" (kelp) means "yorokobu"(good fortune), and "katsudon" (pork cutlet served on top of a bowl of rice) means "katsu"(victory).

People eat these auspicious foods before a game to bring good luck.

"Gen-Katsugi” is the wisdom of Japanese people who cherish words, and can be said to be a culture and custom.

And in Japan, examinations are very important.

Many people make "Gen-Katsugi" (bring good luck) out of a strong desire to pass an entrance examination.

Following such a uniquely Japanese way of thinking, we have created "Lucky Jeans".

Wear "Lucky Jeans", and good luck with your exams.

【Seven ways to get lucky with "Lucky Jeans"】

1:Denim that does not fade in color

Color fading over time is a characteristic of jeans, but the denim used for these examination jeans is a special material that does not fade.

The color is called "aikatsu-iro," which is a darker indigo than navy blue, and is a reproduction of the color favored by samurai warriors as a lucky color from ancient times.

"Not fade" is Japanese for "Ochinai"(not fall) and means not to fail an exam.

2 : "Gokaku" (pentagon) leather label

The leather label, which is usually made in a square shape, is specially designed in the auspicious "Gokaku" (pentagon) shape.

"Pentagon" is Japanese for "Gokaku", which means "Goukaku" (meaning "pass").

3 : Anti-slip tape

The back of the waist is equipped with "no-slip" tape that prevents tucked-in tops from sloppily popping out.

The tape has a special message to support students taking exams.

The word "anti-slip" also means that you will not fail the exam.

4 : Stretch material

Comfortable stretch material is used for studying, exams, and sitting for long periods of time without tiring.

Stretch" is the Japanese word for "Nobiru," and "Nobiru" is also used to describe the growth of academic ability.

Could your academic performance grow just as fast as the fabric?

5 : Special "EDWIN" tab

Normally, the EDWIN tab on the back pocket is expressed in one color. This time, we have specially designed it to highlight only "WIN" in red.

6 : "Lucky Charm" pocket

The coin pocket is one of the typical details of jeans. This time, we have made a special pocket to hold a lucky charm.

A special loop has been added to tie a string around the pocket to prevent the amulet from falling out, and the pocket has been made large enough to hold the lucky charm securely,

The coin pocket, which is rarely used, has been made functional.

7 : Straight silhouette

The silhouette is a royal straight that does not choose any style or body shape.

The silhouette is set to the best possible shape based on EDWIN's vast amount of performance data.

In Japan, passing an exam in one try is called "straight" admission.

Wear "Lucky Jeans", and you are ready for  "straight" admission!


lot no : ED59-00
price : ¥11,000(税込)
size : XS / S / M / L / X L

This product is designed to support students through the use of jeans and does not guarantee success in passing the exam. Please understand this in advance.