Indigo garments


"The country, Japan, is full of mysterious blues".
Lafcadio Hearn (Koizumi Yakumo), who once visited Japan, praised Japanese indigo dyeing in this way.

The deep, clear indigo, also known as "Japan blue", has long been a part of the lives of ordinary people in the form of kimonos, firemen's costumes and Samue. The people of the Edo period appreciated the way indigo dyeing changed in their daily lives as it became dirty, worn and faded. In the Edo period, people regarded the change in the taste of indigo dyeing as "iki".
This is a glimpse of the Japanese affinity for indigo and the delicate sensitivity of the Japanese people. This series respects the traditional Japanese indigo dyeing culture and incorporates it into modern products with EDWIN's know-how.



Hunting jacket(38,500yen)

Hunting pants(30,800yen)

Fatigue jacket(33,000yen)

Fatigue pants(27,500yen)

Flannel shirts(22,000yen)

Fatigue pants(27,500yen)

Crewneck knit(24,200yen)

Fatigue pants(27,500yen)

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