The origin of Edwin, 359BF

Limited reprint of "359BF", the origin of EDWIN.

In 1947, 2 years after the end of the war, Yonehachi Tsunemi, the predecessor of EDWIN, was founded in Nippori, Tokyo.

The company started out as a wholesaler of clothing disposed of by the US military and focused on jeans.

The company imports second-hand jeans from overseas, washes and repairs them, and supplies them to retailers in Ueno and Ameyoko.

Before long, new jeans were being imported.

At that time, jeans "made in the U.S.A." were hard, shrunken and faded. They were also expensive.

We wanted to make jeans that were more comfortable for Japanese people.

Driven by this idea, the company started to make its own jeans.

In 1963, the "359BF", the prototype of EDWIN jeans, was born. In 1963, the 359BF, the prototype of EDWIN jeans, was born. This year, the 60th anniversary,
the 359BF is reissued in limited quantities.

This is the first denim made in Japan.

spirit of manufacturing that continues to this day started with these jeans.
The photo shows the original 359BF worn in.
Look at the color fading!

Rainbow selvage.

The selvedge of 359BF is rare rainbow color.
It is a unique coloration and
an icon of EDWIN.
This reprint is faithful to the original
rainbow selvage denim.

Strong denim.

Strong denim is so strong and heavy oz that there was a legend that it stands upright after being washed. The original selvage denim, developed with Nihon Menpu, was recreated in the dark indigo blue used in the early days of the denim by unraveling a vast amount of archival material from that time. The denim is made from freshly woven Kibata denim, which develops its own texture as it is worn.

Piped stem.

Hip-boned for a perfect fit in the thigh. And the
piped stem is straight down to the socks. The straight silhouette is unique to 359BF with a vintage feel.
The original line is rearranged to fit the current standard body shape.
For the sewing thread, we use cotton thread which gets more and more faded as you wear it, while we use S-core  thread which has high strength and excellent abrasion resistance for the parts that need strength.

A fantastic Denim Jacket.

The 359BF denim jacket is also reprinted, which is difficult to obtain in its original form due to its low circulation at the time.
It uses the same original selvage denim as the bottom, and the usage and specification of rainbow selvage are faithfully reproduced.