Pennant Remake Denim

Pennant Remake Denim

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situation in which a stone or chain of stones may be captured on the next move (in the game of go) 
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EDWIN TOKYO HARAJUKU 4th Anniversary Limited Model.

The pennants are remade by hand one by one from precious one-of-a-kind pennants from the Showa era.

The base fabric is a vintage-like selvedge denim that retains the unevenness of the original cotton yarn.

Organic cotton yarns are dyed with pure indigo without any impurities, and slowly woven on a shuttle loom of Japan Cotton Cloth with 100 years of history.

The processing is a hard wash to match this remake.

Button fly front.

Regular straight fit.

Body: 100% Cotton,
Leather Label: Cowhide

Production Country: Japan

Item Number: ED1000-3108