Basic Tops

Our standard.

"Love forever" that Edwin's concept shop is important.
As with jeans, it changes to various expressions by wearing for a long time for a long time.
In order to wear for a long time, it is also an important factor that is a sturdy quality that can be resistant to it, but also a staple design that is not dependent on the trend.
The more standard, the more you are stuck in detail such as materials and sewing, and the brand is important to the brand.
The more you know the feelings and commitments that are incorporated into things, the more you know.
Our standard that does not change anytime.

Duffle coat

79,200 Yen
The world of traditional textiles in the world, Bishu.
A superclass duffel coat using a high-class pile material that has been created through a special technique that is only a special technology and a distant time.


16,500 Yen
Hoody of a vintage specification that uses a thick backing material made in Japan and a solid wearing feeling.

Crewneck sweatshirt

14,300 yen
Using a thick backing material made in Japan, a well-friendly wet with a solid wearing feeling.
De-tails such as long ribs and both V specifications are also attractive.

Work shirts

15,400 Yen
Use a 5 oz selvage chambray of  Nihon Menpu
Chambray materials woven with older woven is a moderate gloss and is familiar with the body. It also features a color loss unique to the selvage.


25,300 yen
Nihon Menpu Water 9oz Lightwait Denim.
Cover all features that feature a vintage everywhere.

Thermal tee

8,800 yen
Vintage-specific heavy thermal long t-shirt manufactured by Vintage.
I am familiar with the body so as to wear thickness.

Zip up jacket

19,800 Yen
Use 8.4oz Selvage Chino of  Nihon Menpu.
Every time I use it, I can enjoy the eyes of the fabric, and enjoy the change of aging.

Button Down Shirts

15,400 Yen
 Nihon Menpu use 5oz Selvage chambray by Old Fabric Orient.
A sewing specification conscious of vintage seen everywhere is also attractive.